Certified Assessment Center Analyst (CACA)

  • India’s top rated and the best Assessment Centre Program and certification

    For senior and specialist roles, assessment centres are a popular recruitment tool. Assessment centres take different formats according to the role in question and the nature of the company, but they will generally bring together a set of pre-screened and pre-interviewed candidates, ready to whittle them down to the final stage of the selection process.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • About skills required as an assessor professional in the assessment center method
    • How to carry out the assessor function
    • Understand concepts, practices, benefits and issues related to the Assessment Center
    • How to conduct observations on behaviors during the Assessment Center training
    • How to classify the behavior of observations into competencies according to the assessment criteria
    • How to conduct an assessment of the behavior of observations in accordance with the required competency criteria
    • How to integrate data about behavior, make conclusions from each of the existing criteria
    • How to provide assessment feedback

    Who should attend?

    • Human Resource Professionals
    • Talent Management Professionals
    • Training and Development Professionals
    • OD Professionals
    • Any Manager
  • MODULE 1:Overview on Assessment Center
    • What are Assessment Centers
    • Historical Perspective on Assessment Center
    • Basic Steps Followed in an Assessment Center
    • Types of Techniques Used in Assessment Centers
    • Designing an Assessment Center
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Common Uses of an Assessment Center
    • Benefits and Limitations
    MODULE 2:Mapping Competency
    • What is Competency
    • Competency Mapping and Framework
    • Analyze Functional Skills using interviews, questionnaires, job element analysis, critical incident method etc.
    • Behavioral Job Analysis through threshold trait analysis, Quancomm framework etc.
    MODULE 3:Short listing and Filtering
    • Short listing- Knowledge of Matching CVs
    • The Process of Short listing
    • Filtering
    • Knowledge Based Filtering
    • Skill Based Filtering
    • Behavioral Filtering
    MODULE 4:Selecting and Evaluating Exercises
    • An overview of Techniques Used
    • Overview of Exercises like functional simulation and behavioral exercises
    • Types of Functional Simulation Exercises
    • Types of Behavioral Exercises
    • Interview Types in an Assessment Center
    • Tests Used in Assessment Center like inventory based, MBTI, TAT, projective tests, 16 PF etc.
    • Selection of Techniques for an Assessment Centers using reliability and validity tools
    MODULE 5:Assessment Matrix and Evaluation Formats
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Formats Used for Evaluating or Rating Candidates like evidence sheets
    • Using BARS
    MODULE 6:Skills Required by an Assessor
    • The Role of an Assessor
    • Giving Feedback to the Candidate using ORSCED process – observing, recording, summarizing, classifying, evaluating, decision making