Certified Learning & Development Manager (CLDM)

  • India’s top rated and the best Learning & Development Program and certification

    Classroom training is available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune.

    Currently, big money is being spent on enterprise learning and development and there’s a good reason why – learning is your competitive advantage. Effective learning can also lead to greater employee motivation and satisfaction as employees feel valued and able to grow and develop throughout their careers. And importantly, learning and change are interlinked because it enables organizations to respond to changes and adapt to an increasingly competitive (and ever-changing) market.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Learn Competency Iceberg Model for pinpointing skills and traits
    • To develop competency maps and behaviorally anchored rating systems to plan structured and scientific training in your organization
    • Understand how BARS can be used for valid competency assessment
    • Conduct competency based TNA for accurate training scheduling
    • Understand how HR Analytics can be used to validate competencies
    • Understand KASH and ASK models of competency
    • Learn how competency gaps are identified using 360 degree Feedback Technique and Competency Assessment Centers and understand the effectiveness of the same
    • Learn how to use Correlation Studies to evaluate training
    • Learn how to create an Individual Development Plan and Developmental Calendar
    • Learn the key aspects of good design
    • Learn how to calculate human capital readiness indices – globally used to measure strategic impact of L&D
    • Learn how to create L&D metrics and get management buy in to training

    Who should attend?

    • L&D Manager, Functional Consultants
    • Regional Training Managers
    • Senior Trainers, OD Managers
    • L&D Principals, L&D Heads
    • Training specialists, Freelancers
    • Operation Managers, DGM-Training & Development
    • CFO, Corporate trainers, senior executive-training
    • E-learning Specialist, Lead Trainer & Coach
  • Competency Mapping
    • What is Competency and Why is it Used?
    • Competence Measures
    • Creating Competency Maps for Roles
    Competency Assessment
    • Training Need Analysis
    • 3600 Feedback Techniques for assessing competencies
    • Competence Assessment Centers
    Developmental Planning and Design
    • Setting Learning Goals and Objectives
    • Creating Individual Developmental Plans (IDP)
    • Creating a Developmental Calendar
    • Checklist for a Good Design
    Developmental Evaluation
    • Kirkpatrick's 4 Step Model
    • Human Capital Readiness and Assessing the Impact of Training
    • Correlation Studies to Validate Training and ROI
    Getting Management Buy in
    • Use of Perceptual Model, Analytics – Based ROI

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